Pink and Coral Cornsnakes

pink poppy

Coral Snow

The coral snows in my collection are from South Mountain Reptiles. This is not the common form of coral which is a hypo. The effects of this type of coral show up very distinctly in the next generation, even if only one parent carried the gene, giving a pink wash to snows and enhancing the reds of amels and ultramels. There is some thought that this may be the same gene that gives Strawberry corns their rich dark color. The coral in the saddles may not be evident in hatclhings, but continues to develop and darken as the snake matures.

Coral Snow Photos set 1
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Pink Poppy

Neon X Coral Snow


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Neon x Coral phots set 2

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Neon Pink Snow


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Prince (male)

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Pink  poppy "Starburst" Coral Snow


These specetacular snakes were created by line breeding several sources of pink together. The colors are VERY saturated, and they look just like the bright colored Starburst fruit candies. I don't know yet how they will look as adults but the yearlings are amazing. I only got one female last year and she does not have as much orange as the males but her color is still richer than a regular coral or neon coral.

The same pair that produced these bred for me again in 2009, babies should be available beginning in late fall, 2009.

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Pink  poppy Striped
Pink Snow


Champagne Pink slide set A

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Troubadour (male)
Minstrel (male)
Dragonfly (female)
Swan (female)
Ballarina (female)

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