Welcome to PoppyCorns
Daily News - The 2014 breeding season has begun here at Poppycorns. We had our first pairings in August. No eggs yet, but we're looking forward to the beautiful hatchlings these pairings will produce.

Why we love Cornsnakes

Here at  Poppycorns, we love cornsnakes because

They are gentle, non-venemous, and don’t have fangs

Cornsnakes stay a perfect size…3 to 4 feet long when mature, they are not too big, and not too small for easy handling

Corns are are easy to care for and can be housed in simple enclosures

Poppycorns cornsnakes don’t need live food…just thaw a frozen mouse for them about once a week

These pets fit well with busy lifestyles – they don’t need to be walked, groomed, fed crickets, housebroken, let out or need frequent litter box cleaning.  If you need to leave for a week or two…just put in a couple extra water dishes and go.

But most of all, we love Cornsnakes because they are beautiful.  They come in amazing colors and patterns, like bright eyed jewels that you can hold in your hands.  Come browse our gallery, and be enthralled by the exquisite beauty and sinuous living art of Cornsnakes


Cornsnakes in Poppy Colors  
If you are new to corn snakes (or even if you're not!) you might want to start exploring this site by checking out our extensive gallery of corn snake photography. There are over a hundred different colors and patterns of cornsnakes, but we specialize in creating the best of the bright poppy colors...rich reds, vivid pinks and corals, bright orange, blazing yellow and subtle lavenders. Enter our photo gallery to choose the colors you want to view. GALLERY

Neon Coral
This is not your ordinary coral snow. We have combined the brightest Neon pink from the Wagner line with the high color SMR coral line to create an amazingly pink serpent. More...

Sunglow Stripe
My beautiful Lantana is the jewel-toned matriarch of this line of vivid orange-red virtually patternless snake with bright yellow contast near the head. More...
Fire (amel bloodred) Cornsnake

Sunglow Motley
You won't find a brighter sunglow motley than these. Both parents are exceptionally deeply colored. Yellow to light orange dorsal dots on deep orange-red background. More...



Cayenne Fire
Here is the reddest of the red in snakes. A bloodred cornsnake that lacks black pigment is called a Fire corn. But unlike other lines, these beauties have virtually no white and only the faintest hint of pattern at maturity. More...

Champagne Pink Stripe Cornsnake
The classic "old school" rich burgandy red, the color of dried blood. Contrasting bellies are white. Babies look very different than the adults and it can take up to three years for the full color to develop. More...
Champagne Pink Stripe
Have you ever seen a hot pink snake? Some of these will knock your socks off! Ranging from a creamy pink-over-gold to bright hot pink, there's nothing else quite like this line of pink cornsnakes. More...